Walk through the tribe..

We all heard about the tribe, tribal people & their lifestyle.. i spend couple of days with these people in Jharkhand & observed many things. There’s heaven & hell difference between our life and their’s but still they managed to stay happy with the little they have. Their decoration of house is one of the great thing i have witness there.

Due to  documentary shots i had to stay there.. the village was so clean that if anyone didn’t see it they will not believe it. Few pictures are there in the link below:

  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BMrZYoqjDba/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BMw9Jc2DJu2/
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BMy3ABoj0iA/
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Clay dolls famous in and around the world..

Ghurni is a neighbourhood of Krishnanagar in Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the centre for the production of clay dolls, often referred to as Krishnanagar clay dolls.

Maharaja Krishnachandra (1710–1783), King of Krishnanagar was a great patron of the fine arts, including literature and music and supported the production of clay dolls. In 1728 he brought families of potters from Dhaka and Natore and settled them in Ghurni, then a village.

Krishnanagar clay dolls are unique in their realism and the quality of their finish. They truly represent a breakaway from the traditional form. Fruits, fish, insects, animals, birds, and of course the entire pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses, and even the ubiquitous Donald Duck and other popular comic strip characters, faithful copies of real-life, down to the minutest detail. Realistic recreations of everyday life, work, mood and character- farmers, weavers, rag pickers, basket makers, umbrella makers – are all specialties of Krishnanagar clay doll artisans. 

As a photographer i always had craze for visiting Krishna Nagar and capture it’s culture & people. After reaching there when i started interecting with people over there, specially the clay artist who are still carrying the tradition of making clay dolls which were started by their ancesters & they feel very proud of their work. And they must be, cause their art works are not only famous in the country but they were also known internationally for their beutiful eye catching works. Without wasting any time i straight forward walked into a shop there & was mesmarized by their fine arts of clay dolls they show cases.  


The little village of 2-3 kms are fully based on the clay artist workers with shop, covering both the side of the roads. A place where the true tallent of fine art still exist. 

The sadest part of their life is that still they r struggling like anything to sustain their one time meal properly. Being so much talented that had to struggle badly for their life.. They didn’t get any help from the govt. Not only that, they dont even get the proper price(Rs) for their work.. 

A small community of artist, hardly few know about their existance & life struggle.

Still In search

From my childhood i always had craze for photography coz from then i saw my dad with a SLR capturing momemts, he was not professional photographer,its was his hobby though. So similarly i alwys love to capture moments, specially the emotions. So i started my journey with a CANON point and shoot camera which was a gift from my Aunt.  As the days passes by, my thirt for capturing moments increases… So with the grwoing time I put my first step in this professional photography world with my NIKON Digital SLR.. From then till now the journey didn’t stop.. I really don’t know, when and where this journey will come to an end.. 

As this my first post over hear as a blogger I need all the fellow bloggers support n valuable respose..

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